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Superatv black ops winch

Superatv black ops winch

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ATV/UTV winch with high strength synthetic rope and wireless remote. Available in multiple weight ratings for many different applications. From 2500lbs. to 6000lbs. These winches get the job done in tough conditions and will keep you moving on the trail every time.

 This Black Ops Winch comes as part of a complete kit that will have you ready for anything. You get a sleek dash-mounted toggle switch and a wireless remote for easy operation. A pull strap, rope stopper, and hook kit complete the package. The next time you get wedged between some rocks or come across a buddy in need, you’ll have everything you need for a successful rescue mission.

Product notes:

Winch requires winch ready bumper or vehicle specific mounting plate

Certain size winch may not fit machine check specifications for size